Do you need a quality equipment?

Whether you're looking for shower set to the currently selected corner, siphon for tray installation, or chemicals to maintenance, convince yourself that ROLTECHNIK can go through its comprehensive offering to meet its customers.

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Concealed shower systemsA simple and elegant solution of showers with long life

The best way to get rid of unsightly pipes to conduct the water in the shower, is their location under plastering and tiling. You can do this with our complex system of accessories, thanks to which you tune your shower to perfection.

Shower setsTreat yourself by a soothing feeling of rain with modern head shower

Sets consisting of a head and a hand shower, which are the basis for comfortable showering.

Shower tray and bathtub siphonsProven and reliable functional drain siphons

Well processed siphons for all kinds of shower trays and bathtubs from ROLTECHNIK.

Seats for shower enclosures and bathtub seatsMore comfort for your hygiene

Bath and shower seats are an excellent tool for bathing especially for people with reduced mobility. However, if you want to enjoy real comfort in the shower, get a seat for the shower enclosure.

MaintenanceFor long-term care of your bathroom equipment

Professional tools for cleaning and maintenance of ROLTECHNIK brand products.

Headrests and handlesThe ideal accessories for your new bathtub

If you like to relax in a hot bath, you will appreciate the comfortable headrest from our offer.

Mounting accessoriesFor easy and accurate installation

The best way to flawless fitting of the shower tray or bathtub. Just order, together with one of our products, matching accessories for installation.

Shelves for shower enclosuresShower cosmetics within comfortable reach

Hanging shelves help organize shower cosmetics for the whole family and in addition beautifully at hand. No more unnecessary bending for the shampoo.

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