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Do you need a real shower?

Offer in unrivaled breadth, perfection in the detail and the highest quality define this crucial segment of the ROLTECHNIK brand.

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Exclusive shower enclosures with design hingesand inovative lifting system

In this line of luxury shower enclosures joined the best - Italian design by Piet Billekens and a modern technology. These frameless enclosures boldly competing with global brands.

Exclusive large space solutions Variable shower enclosures
with sliding door

A unique design combined with superior quality and extraordinary construction represents the best of what is currently offered by Roltechnik company.

Spacious showers with no door of 8mm safety glass
with recessed holes

Special shower enclosure series offers a flexible solution for your bathroom. No disruptive elements, safe installation and incredibly easy maintenance.

Frameless shower enclosures with a unique hinge system
of door hanging

Hinges with lifting mechanism, excellently sophisticated details and a special mounting system EASY INSTALL guarantee superior quality and long durability for this series.

Variable semi-frame
shower enclosures with special rotating profiles
and lifting mechanism

This variable edition of shower enclosures is equipped with an opening with lifting mechanism. The sophisticated design complements surprising functionality.

Semi-frame shower enclosures with 8mm safety glass and exceptional
sliding mechanism

Purity of shapes, stainless steel bearing rollers and luxuriously wide doors represent the best edition of semi-frame shower enclosures. Of course there is a high user comfort and easy maintenance.

Solid semi-frame shower enclosures with 6mm safety glass

The new generation with extra height over 2 meters, solid frame now also in black finish and high-quality rollers with the bottom swinging out provide long service life and surprisingly easy maintenance.

Popular frame shower enclosures with 6mm safety glass
without inner vertical profiles

The most successful line of recent years offers the perfect combination of timeless design and easy maintenance thanks to lightweight construction. All this with an extended warranty by Roltechnik brand.

Semi-frame shower enclosures
with superior lifting mechanism

The latest comprehensive series of semi-frame shower enclosures uses well-engineered profiles with a lifting mechanism. Thanks to this, it can offer a really comfortable entrance through the two-way opening door in and out.

Semi-frame shower enclosures
with combination of safety glass

Semi-frame shower enclosures line brings a practical solution for standard models and large-sized showers. You will especially appreciate the excellent price-quality ratio.

Universal shower enclosureswith favorable
price-quality ratio

SANIPRO LINE is focused on customers who do not want reduce their requirements for quality too much, but due to their economic possibilities would be to rely on second class products. A cost-sensitive concept by ROLTECHNIK company.

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