Bath screen with a sliding door

Take advantage of our offer to snap up this technically sophisticated bath screen. If you no longer want to get rid of frequent mopping water and dirt, yet continue to use the bath for showering, it's time to tune your bathroom to perfection.


Top roller

Handle in brillant finishing

Detail of towel holder

Drawing PXV2L

Transparent glass

Type Order number Installation width (y) Height (h) Entrance size (c) Profile Glass Delivery method
PXV2L /1500 451-150000L-00-02 1480–1530 1500 600 brillant transparent O
PXV2P /1500 451-150000P-00-02 1480–1530 1500 600 brillant transparent O
PXV2L /1600 451-160000L-00-02 1580–1630 1500 650 brillant transparent O
PXV2P /1600 451-160000P-00-02 1580–1630 1500 650 brillant transparent O
PXV2L /1700 451-170000L-00-02 1680–1730 1500 700 brillant transparent O
PXV2P /1700 451-170000P-00-02 1680–1730 1500 700 brillant transparent O
PXV2L /1800 451-180000L-00-02 1780–1830 1500 750 brillant transparent O
PXV2P /1800 451-180000P-00-02 1780–1830 1500 750 brillant transparent O

S  - items in STOCK - delivery in the earliest possible date
O  - items to ORDER - delivery time should not exceed 14 working days
Z  - CUSTOMIZED items - delivery time should not exceed 30 working days

Bath screen PXV2 for convenient use of the bath tub to shower.

Safety glass with surface treatment

All glass panels of this bath screen are 6mm thick, made by so-called quenching (heating followed by rapid cooling), which greatly increases their mechanical and thermal resistance as well as bending strength. In the case of glass damage, (like car glass) it will break into small fragments without sharp edges, so do not worry about injuries.

RolshieldAll safety glass of the bath screen have aROLSHIELD surface finishing. It is the latest nanotechnology that prevents dirt, grease and limescale from settling. The water runs down perfectly so you do not have to clean it. For more information, visit www.rolshield.cz/en.

The height of the bath screen itself is 1,500 mm, so - coupled with the depth of the bathtub - it provides comfortable showering without worrying about the flooded bathroom.

Magnetic closure with soft PVC seal 

The seal is made of softened PVC, and when closing the door, it is equipped with a tape magnet for a perfectly sealed space. To clean the seals, as well as the entire screen, we recommend not using highly aggressive and abrasive cleaners to avoid disturbing its function.

The screen and its installation

You can choose the size of the PXV2 bath screen by your needs to match the dimensions of your bathtub. You can also choose whether the left or right door opening suits you more.

The installation dimension is for variable door / screen installation options. Allows the door / screen to be installed within the specified dimensions. The installation dimension is an important piece of information for building readiness.

Stable aluminum profiles are fixed to the walls with an internal recessed screws. Other screws seen from the inside of the shower area are provided with caps in the profile color.

We recommend to review the Installation instructions below.

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