Sliding shower door with a both-sided entrance for a niche

The sliding shower door into the niche has a massive aluminum frame in white colour, making them very stable and durable. An advantage is both-sided opening with a proven seal system. Choose a shower door with a 3mm safety glass with a ROLSHIELD surface treatment or with a polystyrol panels. You can get an extended 5 year warranty on the shower door.


Transparent glass panel

Grape glass panel

Rugiada polystyrol panel

Both-side door opening

Door parts in closed position

Bottom tilting system for easy maintenance

Type Order number Installation width (y) Height (h) Entrance size (c) Profile Glass Delivery method
PD3N/800 413-8000000-04-02 750-805 1900 375 white transparent S
PD3N/800 413-8000000-04-11 750-805 1900 375 white grape S
PD3N/800 413-8000000-04-16 750-805 1900 375 white rugiada S
PD3N/900 413-9000000-04-02 850-905 1900 440 white transparent S
PD3N/900 413-9000000-04-11 850-905 1900 440 white grape S
PD3N/900 413-9000000-04-16 850-905 1900 440 white rugiada S
PD3N/1000 413-1000000-04-02 950-1005 1900 505 white transparent S
PD3N/1000 413-1000000-04-11 950-1005 1900 505 white grape S
PD3N/1000 413-1000000-04-16 950-1005 1900 505 white rugiada S

S  - items in STOCK - delivery in the earliest possible date
O  - items to ORDER - delivery time should not exceed 14 working days
Z  - CUSTOMIZED items - delivery time should not exceed 30 working days

Benefits of the PD3N shower door:

  • The doors are made of white aluminum profiles with which the color of the magnetic seal is also matched. You also have several types of panels to choose - 3 mm safety glass transparent and grape or polystyrol panels named rugiada.
  • Safety glass panels are treated with a ROLSHIELD surface coating to prevent deposits of dirt and limescale on the glass. To keep the look of the door longer as new, we recommend to treat them with the ROLSHIELD REFRESH CLEANER.
  • The sliding door into the niche allows both-sided entry into the shower, in addition with the tilting system of the bottom part for easy maintenance

The PD3N shower door is suitable for installation both on the floor and in combination with the shower tray.

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