Single shower door

The brand new semi-frame series with a superior lifting mechanism uses a 5mm safety glass with a ROLSHIELD protective layer applied. The complete range offers easy access through the double-sided opening doors both ways inside and out. At a standard height of 1950 mm, besides classic models, the solution also provides large-scale showers, which are becoming increasingly popular. Sober design, precise processing and a great price / utility ratio then open doors to many Czech and foreign households.


Profile with high-quality lifting mechanism


Bottom section of the door profile

LZCO1 into a niche (+ LZ profile set)

Drawing of LZCO1 into a niche (+ LZ profile set)

Left door LZCO1

Technical drawing of LZ set of profiles

Type Order number Installation width (y) Door width (c) Profile Glass Delivery method
LZCO1/800 227-8000000-00-02 767-792 690 brillant transparent O
LZCO1/900 227-9000000-00-02 867-892 790 brillant transparent O
LZCO1/1000 227-1000000-00-02 967-992 890 brillant transparent O
LZ set of profiles 229-1940025-00 25-35 --- brillant --- O

The LZCO1 shower door from this LEGA LIFT LINE series is manufactured in three standard sizes: 800, 900 and 1000 mm. Reliable opening system ensures trouble-free movement of the door both in and out, plus the possibility of locking in the open position. Straight aluminum handle with a surface finish and an attractive strut add to the perfect look of the entire LZCO1 product.

One type of door for all combinations

  • single shower door for a niche with set of profiles LZ
  • corner entry with a double door opening LZCO1+LZCO1
  • single shower door in combination with a side panel LZB

In our offer you can choose a combination of any size of the door, separately for the right and left side, creating a square or rectangular shower unit LZCO1 + LZCO1. You will have a comfortable access to the shower thanks to the double-leaf opening door in both directions.
Likewise, you can choose any size of the door and add a LZ profile set order to get a superbly functional door for installation in the niche LZCO1 + LZ.
To select a combination of doors and fixed walls LZCO1 + LZB, click on this link.

The exact height including the anchor elements is 1958 mm.

Safety glass of our shower enclosures are treated with a ROLSHIELD technology, which prevents the accumulation of dirt, including limescale and grease.