Quadrant shower enclosure with two sliding doors

Brand new semi-frame line practically combines 5 mm door and 4 mm safety glass of fixed parts in the frame. The complete range offers a practical solution for standard models, as well as for large-sized showers that are becoming increasingly popular. Simplicity, durability and excellent price-quality ratio may this series LEGA LINE make a new star of the series production.


Solid stainless steel handle

Bottom swing out rollers for easy maintenance

Bearing double rollers with high durability

Brillant frame profile

Glass in Grape finish

Transparent glass

Type Order number Installation width (y) Height (h) Entrance size (c) Profile Glass Delivery method
LLR2/800 555-8000000-00-02 780-795 1900 410 brillant transparent S
LLR2/800 555-8000000-00-11 780-795 1900 410 brillant grape S
LLR2/900 555-9000000-00-02 880-895 1900 560 brillant transparent S
LLR2/900 555-9000000-00-11 880-895 1900 560 brillant grape S

* R – standard radius R550

S  - items in STOCK - delivery in the earliest possible date
O  - items to ORDER - delivery time should not exceed 14 working days
Z  - CUSTOMIZED items - delivery time should not exceed 30 working days

Quadrant shower enclosure of this series LEGA LINE is available in two standard sizes. Durable double top and bottom rollers provide smooth movement of the door, in addition with the tilting system of the bottom for easy maintenance. Massive handle made of polished stainless steel highlights the delicate design of products of this series.

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