Sliding shower door combined with a solid panel represent a very flexible space, where you can literally enjoy yourself. Choose between the dimensions of the shower door KID2 (from 1300 mm to 2000 mm) and KIB panel (up to 1200 mm), we will prepare this shower enclosure custom made for you. Thanks to robust kinetic rollers you will be able to open the door with one finger, a perfect seal against water leakage is suported by special magnets.


Stainless steel bearing trolleys

The new threshold components for perfect tightness

Massive multi-purpose handle

Transparent glass


Type Order number Installation width (y) Height (h) Entrance size (c) Profile Glass Delivery method
KIB/900 971-9000000-00-02 860–885 2000 --- brillant transparent Z
KIB/1000 971-1000000-00-02 960–985 2000 --- brillant transparent Z
KID2/1300 970-1300000-00-02 1150–1310 2000 410–560 brillant transparent Z
KID2/1500 970-1500000-00-02 1300–1510 2000 460–660 brillant transparent Z
KID2/1800 970-1800000-00-02 1500–1810 2000 510–810 brillant transparent Z
KID2/2000 970-2000000-00-02 1800–2010 2000 710–910 brillant transparent Z

* universal LEFT and RIGHT finishing

S  - items in STOCK - delivery in the earliest possible date
O  - items to ORDER - delivery time should not exceed 14 working days
Z  - CUSTOMIZED items - delivery time should not exceed 30 working days

Ensure yourself about the uniqueness of the KINEDOOR Line

  • kinetic rollers are made of the highest quality materials, and moreover they are maintenance free
  • special 8mm safety glass will ensure your maximum safety while showering
  • frameless construction on the stainless steel supporting rod is very modern and elegant
  • rollers have quiet operation and require minimal effort for moving the door

It is possible to install this shower enclosure directly on the floor, or we recommend to combine it with a low, cast marble shower tray.

Máte zájem o sprchový kout KID2+KIB a jeho montáž? Napište nám.

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