Shower door HBN1 is one of the best products, that can be offered by our ROLTECHNIK company. The result of the work of Italian designer named Piet Billekens is a new massive hinge with a totally innovative movement.

Shower door of a very elegant HITECH LINE is equipped with the single-wing opening and invisible seal. Wall profile is easy to assemble and allows setting up to 50 mm together, without affecting the aesthetic appeal of the product. This door can be ordered in five standard sizes, with the new profile Brilliant premium and transparent glass panels.


Piet Billekens

Visualisation of HBN1

New design hinge with innovative motion_A

Wall profile - HITECH

Drawing - HBN1_R

Profile - Brillant premium

Type Order number Installation width (y) Height (h) Door width (c) Side panel width (s) Profile Glass Delivery method
HBN1/800 287-8000000-06-02 770-820 2010 470 265-290 brillant premium transparent O
HBN1/900 287-9000000-06-02 870-920 2010 570 265-290 brillant premium transparent O
HBN1/1000 287-1000000-06-02 970-1020 2010 570 365-390 brillant premium transparent O
HBN1/1100 287-1100000-06-02 1070-1120 2010 670 365-390 brillant premium transparent O
HBN1/1200 287-1200000-06-02 1170-1220 2010 670 465-490 brillant premium transparent O

* H – height including supporting elements

S  - items in STOCK - delivery in the earliest possible date
O  - items to ORDER - delivery time should not exceed 14 working days
Z  - CUSTOMIZED items - delivery time should not exceed 30 working days

ATTENTION: Nominal sizes of shower enclosures are designed for INSTALLATION ON THE TRAY and they are always assembled with indentation from the edge of the tray. With INSTALLATION ON THE TILES there is a risk, that the size of shower enclosure will be smaller than measured width of the tiles. It is necessary to follow the size charts specified in “TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION” file, which is available to download on the product pages.

What else can a HBN1 offer

  • Single shower door with installation directly into the niche 
  • wide selection of installation sizes 
  • easy to install profile in a new design
  • design accessories made of zinc alloy in chrome finish 

Safety glass of our shower enclosures are treated with a ROLSHIELD technology, which prevents the accumulation of dirt, including limescale and grease.